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Harald Ody
My name's Harald Ody, and here's something  about me and
my photo- dreams of  Photostraler  Performance Shops

digital photography and pixel works
I am always looking
for raw emotions

Be sure, I will take you out there for an adventure
whatever the weather is.
My Portfolio

The digital age does not stop in front of art. In particular the combination of photography and computer offers a variety of possibilities to create small works of art, which could never have been produced without bits, bytes and pixels.

Trust and faith in the
Home is where you get back, even if you have done something wrong.
You can not change anything about your ancestors, but you can decide what will happen to your descendants.

Festivals and
Excerpt from the (Landershauptstadt Mains) Bernd Stelter "On Germany's cabaret and comedy stages one is quite in agreement. Men and women do not fit together. For years, we've been learning why women can not park, why men fall asleep immediately afterwards, and the opposite sex is exactly the opposite. "

The world is not a place
Excerpt from SPIEGEL ONLINE "Modern nomad Work is where the notebook is
I fell in love with a digital nomad and followed him. Sure, I've traveled before - but it always went back home. I thought I had to resign myself to it and simply could not do more against my wanderlust. In fact, this was the first lesson I learned as a digital nomad: never get lost with anything! "

What is the body and the soul?
Food and drink keep body and soul together. Before you can go well, the basic needs first have to be met. A good meal can cause you to forget some grief.

A warm feeling for the suffering of the animals is always a sign of high civilization.
The cat is the only four-legged animal that has told the human being that it must be preserved, but that it does not need to do so. One can well ask: What would man be without animals? But not the other way round: What would be the animals without man?

For participants of the aircraft show in Heidenau
Visiting the smithy in Bötersheim
Free download in 680x460 format

Harald Ody - IMAGE NAME
Oktober 2017

look at my photography and you will be inspired
I am Harald Ody
Photography is my passion.

My address:
Harald Ody
Gartenstraße 3a
21255 Tostedt

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You are planning a wedding! Your family photos rework! A portrait!
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21255 Tostedt
Gartenstraße 3a


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Harald Ody
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